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Our ever-so-popular backyard offset smoker “The Babe” is returning!  The Babe is a small batch, limited item that will ONLY be available for purchase at The Wood Fire Mercantile in Cleveland, Georgia.  The Babe will come on casters, a wagon and a trailer.  The Babe will come stock with single grate and two thermometers or full loaded with top racks and a cowboy firebox.  The Babe finishes or natural patina with our pioneering break through of linseed oil or painted.

The Babe is a 24” diameter offset smoker mirroring our larger commercial pit's look and outstanding performance.

Stock (as shown)                            $N/A
(includes dual main lower grates, two thermometers, 




The Babe


Interested in more backyard offsets? 

Visit our sister company Workhorse Pits (here).

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