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the goods

"Because it's great BBQ we're after"
Offset Smokers
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250 Gallon

500 Gallon

1000 Gallon



BBQ around the world has evolved over time with the focus being squarely placed on efficiency and short cuts. At Primitive Pits, we believe the cooking process should never stray far from the primitive method utilizing wood, fire, and smoke.  


Cooking with fire delivers the best results in meat tenderness, taste, and texture. We have been able to stake a claim in the commercial pit industry by delivering quality and consistency at an unbeatable price.   


We have utilized computational fluid dynamics to understand how to execute even convection with a standard of + or - five (5) degrees across any of our commercial pits.  


Our resume includes Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joints, James Beard finalist,  national chef of the year and many BBQ institutions.



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